About us

Dear Sir or Madam,
RynekPapierniczy.pl is the first Polish website dedicated completely to paper industry. On our website we present news and information about upcoming events,  a directory of companies, offer exchange, overview of the newest books and other releases as well as glossary of the paper industry terms.

is also a great place to promote companies related to paper industry. Our invitation to cooperate is directed to companies offering inter alia: paper and paperboard, paper or paperboard packagings, papermaking machines and equipment, machines for manufacturing paper and paperboard packagings, paper products, materials for papermaking, labels and labelling machines, stationery (paper and envelopes), hygiene products, office and school stationery as well as all kinds of services for the paper and paper related industry.

Why is it worth visiting our website regularly and be visible on RynekPapierniczy.pl? Nowadays the Internet is the main source of information in almost every domain, while affordable fees and flexibility of advertising forms are the guarantee of a well made choice.

If you are looking for new contractors, our website RynekPapierniczy.pl is the place where we facilitate contacting potential clients all year long!

Contact us:

ul Jana Mohna 67c/42
87-100 Torun

e-mail: kontakt(at)rynekpapierniczy.pl

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